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Triton Group services and products are designed with environmental sustainability as a priority.

We take a long-term view to creating sustainable solutions for our clients. Across the Group, we understand the positive influence we can have on the environment and that our clients are looking to work with sustainably-minded businesses. In fact, 88% of SME owners say they value sustainability.

Choosing to use green technology can make a huge impact, especially in transport, and we are proud to run a fleet of electric vehicles. The Group also acts to promote recycling, the reduction of waste and we even operate paperless systems in our head office.

Triton Systems provides solar powered security cameras to protect sites and assets without the need for electrical power.

Triton Trak vehicle and plant tracking includes a feature which allows clients to monitor fuel usage across their fleet and cut CO2 emissions.

Triton Projects uses green technologies including solar power and sustainable fuels such as Green D+ SVO.

Triton Group is dedicated to supporting practices that protect the environment. Want to know more? Get in touch.

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