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Triton Trak was founded in 2019 providing a comprehensive range of intelligent vehicle and plant tracking solutions to improve the efficiency of your business.

It’s our aim to prevent all unauthorised movements that could lead to unwelcome issues and needless costs for businesses.

Using a range of revolutionary tracking and telematic solutions, we protect fleets of vehicles and plant machinery with 24/7 monitoring. Using our systems, clients are able to see the precise location of their assets using their laptop, phone or tablet.

You can include driver ID reporting using our system- so you can see who is driving what, and engine hours – so you know how efficient and productive your vehicles are.

There is also a remote immobilisation feature that allows you to stop your vehicles running from your device, should they be stolen or used without authorisation.

Triton Trak has been developed to secure 24/7 confidence in fleet usage and location. If your business could benefit from 100% certainty, please don’t hesitate to contact the Triton Trak team today.


”Having dealt with a few tracking companies, it’s really refreshing to finally come across one that puts the customer and their needs first. Unfortunately in these difficult times we have seen an item of plant stolen, but Alex and his team were very pro-active in its recovery and we had the item back working on site within 48 hours. Many thanks to the TritonTrak team.” anon

”Triton Trak provide us with a great service and cannot do enough for the customer. The initial set up of the units has been faultless and has been fully backed up with help, advice and administration from their office staff. The system is far superior to other plant & vehicle tracking systems that have been demonstrated to us by other telematics suppliers. They have an exceptional reporting system that i would highly recommend to anybody considering a tracking system for either vehicles or plant.” anon

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With over 25 years of experience in the telematics sector, Alex Ryan and Dean Walker at Triton Trak deliver innovative tracking solutions for their clients. They pride themselves on providing the best in customer experience whilst mentoring the next generation of talent in the telematics sector.

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