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Concerns over the flammable nature of materials used to clad many buildings in the UK has led us to create a dedicated service for buildings with fire safety issues.

Triton Group provides specially trained fire wardens as part of a number of services designed to literally allow people to sleep easy in their beds.

Our 24/7 operations protect communities as well as property, ensuring peace of mind for all concerned. For examples, should a fire break out, our wardens will first alert the emergency services, then make sure all occupants are aware of the situation and able to evacuate the building safely.

Every residential and commercial property we protect is subject to our thorough analysis of requirements, which allows us to provide round-the-clock assurance based on the specific needs of the client and building.

If you have a building that would benefit from a bespoke analysis by our experts, please contact us today.


”The attention to detail exhibited by Triton Group is nothing short of impressive” London Fire Brigade

On site within 4 hours
Leaders in best practice
Full operational service

Lauren Paver, Group Commercial Director has been instrumental in the creation, and success, of Triton Waking Watch. With support from the Waking Watch Director, Simon Chinnock, Lauren has spearheaded the drive to provide a comprehensive and reassuring response to flammable cladding and fire safety issues.

With Lauren at the helm, Triton Group entered the Waking Watch market in 2017 to revolutionise the industry. With pioneering new technology, and a determined approach, Triton safeguards thousands of residents across the UK.

The London Fire Brigade stated. ‘Thanks to the Waking Watch team at Triton Security for their dedication to preserving life.’

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