28 Jun

A Fresh Approach to HR at Triton Group

A Fresh Approach to HR at Triton Group

Human Resources is done differently at Triton Group. We believe that there’s much more to Human Resources than supporting the lifecycle of an employee. It’s about nurturing and developing an individual’s capabilities and getting the most out of everyone’s unique talents.

We understand the importance of taking care of our own people, and the positive effect this has on taking care of our clients.

One of our Triton Group values is that we care for people. The Westfield Health benefits scheme is available to all employees, from management to security guards. This benefit scheme shows our staff that we care about their health and wellbeing.

Katharine Coutts, Human Resources manager commented. ‘’One of our Triton Group values is that we care for people. As well as the Westfield Health Benefits scheme, our HR team is building towards greater Inclusivity and Transparency for Triton Group. We actively encourage feedback which informs our next steps as a HR team.’’

At Triton Group we put the human back into Human Resources. Want to know more about what makes us unique? Find out more.

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