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Chief Executive Officer Graham Foxcroft and Managing Director Ashley Wood formed Triton Security & Facilities Management in 2003. Before this the company was known as Triton Security, providing just security alone.

Triton has evolved massively since then and as a result of this, Triton Group now consists not only of Security & Facilities, but five additional companies: Recruitment, Risk Management, Trak, Systems and Projects. These companies were formed to drive focus and performance while all working together as a team.

Graham and Ashley’s roles in the Group are to oversee the smooth running of each Company by liaising day to day with the directors and senior management of each of the Groups companies

Graham is actively involved in the operational and financial running of the businesses, and Ashley, as well as being involved operationally, oversees the sales and marketing side of the business.

Triton Group has many long-standing client relationships which Graham and Ashley originally formed, which they are still actively involved with and help to maintain. It’s their belief that key to building lasting relationships is in one simple thing: ‘never overpromise and under-deliver’, in fact, quite the opposite; always try to ‘exceed and actually overdeliver’.

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