10 Jan

Triton Risk Management Set to Acquire Graspan Frankton

Triton Risk Management Set to Acquire Graspan Frankton

The acquisition combines expertise across both companies to form a world leading provider of risk management, security services and top-class training solutions for clients with complex requirements.

Triton Risk Management and Graspan Frankton have announced their joint agreement in terms for a majority acquisition that will bring Graspan Frankton into the Triton Group. The benefit of this see’s Graspan Frankton’s capabilities in complex security solutions combined with Triton Risk Management’s strength in providing risk management services to blue chip clients. This bolstered proposition will drive growth by consolidating resources to help clients who face increasingly challenging risks and environments.

Graspan Frankton’s management team will remain the same and they will continue to operate under their widely recognised and respected brand name that is synonymous with excellence for their operational delivery and conformity with the strict industry standards. Graspan Frankton will continue to provide their innovative solutions, including intelligence and advisory services, security risk management, specialist training and capacity building and mobile and static enhanced security. They will also help to drive growth across other sectors including energy, mining, oil and gas, finance, petrochemical and more, opening opportunities across Africa and the Middle East.

Graspan Frankton will be driving Triton Groups global focus on commercial sectors and with combined resources and a well-funded platform, both parties are committed to ambitious plans for growth.

The co-founders of Graspan Frankton, Paul Manning and Sean McKeown, continue to manage the business providing their valuable knowledge, insight and industry relationships made over the past decades.

Chairman, Paul Manning, commented on the acquisition: “Graspan Frankton’s clients are facing an ever-growing number of challenges and risks to both their property and personnel, and so Graspan Frankton need to offer more services. This partnership allows us to meet these global operational demands and grow commercially.”

Managing Director, Sean McKeown, says: “This coming together allows both businesses to benefit from each other’s experience and excellent reputations across the commercial and public sectors, providing a platform upon which we can grow.  We’re all very excited about the partnership and the success we can build upon it.”

Managing Director of Triton Risk Management, Ashley Wood, says: “We are thrilled that Graspan Frankton have joined the Triton Group family and look forward to seeing where our combined leadership, experience and expertise take us, as a full-service provider with a global presence.”

The acquisition of Graspan Frankton brings together a compelling network of industry leaders catering to a wide client base across a range of commercial sectors. This cements Triton Group’s position as a market leader in the delivery of risk management solutions and opens the opportunity for expansion of security solutions, training, and advisory services into established and emerging markets worldwide.

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