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Triton Project’s role in State Funeral

Triton Project’s role in State Funeral

Queen Elizabeth II sadly passed away on 9th September 2022 and the British Public responded by travelling into central London to pay their respects. An estimated two million people witnessed the State Funeral in person, and a further 26.2 million viewers watched via different broadcast channels in the UK. Triton Projects mourns the loss of the Queen, and the team are honoured to support the smooth running of the procedures.

The team at Triton Projects understands the importance of timing actions in a way that allows for new developments to unfold. The Triton Projects team are contracted to be on stand-by for state events. Members of the Projects team have constructed major infrastructure at the Funerals of Princess Diana and the Queen Mother’s spanning 25yrs. They have also provided similar structures at planned state events such as Two Royal weddings & Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond & platinum jubilees. The team are recognised for their effective response time to unprecedented and changing situations.

For the State Funeral in 2022, Triton Projects was responsible for the construction of media platforms and other structures which enhanced public safety as well as enabling media outlets to televise the funeral. Triton Projects constructors take good care when erecting media platforms and other structures, as they consider the historical monuments they must work around.

Within seven days, Triton Projects had built structures on the mall, around Queen Victoria’s memorial, Constitution Hill, Wellington Arch, Victoria Gardens Westminster, and Archbishops Park. The media platforms on the Long Walk and around Windsor played a particularly vital role in televising the state funeral to the millions at home watching.

Willy Irish, Triton Projects Managing Director, shared his thoughts on LinkedIn on the day of the state funeral. ‘’What a privilege it has been to be involved in the preparation for the Queen’s funeral, yes we have been planning this for over 20 years, but that doesn’t make it any easier when you get that call and you have to mobilise and have everything ready in 10 days.

Willy continued. ‘’Quite rightly today everything front of house, the military, the police, the clergy and media presenters will all be praised for what I’m sure will be a seemless day, what the whole country can be proud of, but I would also like to praise the back of house contractors who really do make the difference, from day one it’s a fight, we have to deal with Security, London traffic, accreditations, supplier deliveries and last minute changes.”

”I salute the contractors that nobody sees, the contractors that have installed miles of fencing, hundreds of trackway panels hundreds of toilets, hundreds of media structures. The huge amount of event security staff that stand there for hours day and night in all weathers, the power suppliers running cable everywhere and the management team who coordinate all the contractors.’’

‘‘It been incredible to see so many old familiar faces from different event companies who you know no matter what it takes will make this work and deliver everything on time. We should all be proud that we have played our part in the biggest televised event in history and we have done it well.’’

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