19 Oct

Triton Projects Plays Key Role in Ryder Cup 2023

Triton Projects Plays Key Role in Ryder Cup 2023

Our home-grown expertise reached the sunny shores of Rome this year, marking a significant milestone for Triton Projects.

With the Ryder Cup 2023 serving as a stage, we provided some of the most critical infrastructure: Marquee sub-structures, timber cladded walling, LED screen supports, the iconic player bridges, public bridges, main entrance hospitality access and egress and TV camera towers, showcasing our capability to deliver high-quality construction solutions even under challenging conditions.

Navigating the International Waters

The journey wasn’t without its set of challenges. In the evolving post-Brexit scenario, the 90-day rule presented an obstacle. With a majority of our team members originating from the UK and Eastern Europe, it necessitated frequent team rotations over the span of our ten-month contract.

Moreover, transporting materials from Yorkshire to Rome was a logistical challenge. We coordinated the transportation of 73 trailers, each meticulously detailed and itemised. Every load incurred an extra carnet cost, emblematic of the fresh challenges businesses are grappling with in the post-Brexit landscape.

Upon arrival, our team was met with hurdles ranging from navigating vast distances around the golf course, battling unpredictable weather changes from scorching 45°C heat to sudden thunderstorms, and also having to do a number of training courses and medicals to ensure they complied with Italian construction regulations.

Rising to the Occasion:

But in true Triton Projects spirit, we rose to each challenge. Willy Irish, our Managing Director, reflected on the venture, “Adapting to unforeseen challenges and swiftly responding to client requirements was crucial, especially when we when others were facing operational hitches.”

Further emphasising our commitment to safety and quality was an incident after the Ryder Cup’s conclusion. A fire incident occurred in one of the hospitality structures, but thanks to the company’s stringent design and engineering processes for their sub-structures and staircases their segment remained intact.

A Global Mark

Our journey in Rome underscores Triton Projects’ commitment to excellence, adaptability, and safety. By overcoming significant challenges and delivering top-tier infrastructure for an event of this magnitude, we have further solidified our position as a leading player in the global Event construction landscape. To our dedicated team, partners, and loyal clients – your unwavering support and collaboration have been paramount. Here’s to future endeavours and to Triton Projects continuing to set benchmarks in construction solutions worldwide.

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