29 Nov

Triton Group’s remarkable growth and feature in the Infologue Top 100 UK Security Companies

Triton Group’s remarkable growth and feature in the Infologue Top 100 UK Security Companies

Setting ambitious goals can be a key driving force behind business growth and success. In recent years, Triton Group have demonstrated how the combination of a professional, dedicated team and ambitious targets can help to propel an organisation to new heights.

Infologue have been ranking the top UK security companies for the last 18 years. Their annual list is determined by each businesses reported revenue in the security sector. After entering the rankings in 2022 at position 36, Triton are thrilled to announce their 2023 position coming in at 25th with a revenue of over £52 Million. Triton’s new position is a testament to the team’s dedication and commitment to providing and delivering exceptional service to all customers.

Triton would like to thank Infologue for their dedication and effort in providing accurate and informative stats and figures to the public so they can make informed choices on the security partners they are working with.

While overall business revenue is very important to ensure a company can tackle your security contract, Triton’s beliefs and growth journey goes beyond the numbers focussing on ambition, teamwork, and inspiration. Ultimately, by priding ourselves on growth and retention of contracts through quality, service and innovation, the numbers have looked after themselves at Triton.

Commercial Director, Lauren Paver said; “Having clear goals and milestones is crucial for any business. They provide a well-defined roadmap, guiding the team towards a common objective. Triton’s journey exemplifies the significance of setting targets that challenge and inspire. These goals create a sense of purpose and direction, pushing individuals to go beyond their comfort zones and contribute to the collective success of the company.”

Lauren continued; “When I joined Triton in 2017, I saw huge potential within the team and knew that together we could achieve great things. Our goals were undeniably ambitious, but we had the belief that we could reach them. Surpassing all expectations, the Triton team worked cohesively, and together, we achieved the targeted revenue growth. Since then, we have continued to break barriers and push our potential. Moving forwards we will continue to do the same and strive to be the best in the business.”

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