23 Jun

Is the business world going green?

Is the business world going green?

SME’s in the UK are increasingly adopting climate strategies in their workplaces to halt global climate change. In 2022, 23% of large businesses have a climate strategy. The future is looking even greener, as 80% of SME’s reportedly plan to introduce more ethical practices into their business over the next 3-5 years.

The Met office, the UK’s national weather service, predicts that climate change will become more severe in the next 60 years. In the UK, winters are predicted to become warmer and wetter whilst summers get hotter and drier. These changes increase the likelihood of extreme weather disasters such as flooding and heat waves and loss of biodiversity.

Triton Group are a responsible company, we are committed to protecting the natural environment. Caring about the people and places we protect is at the core of our purpose, promise and values.

The focus of the Triton Group sustainable business strategy is using innovative green technologies to power our services and products. Practices to support the environment are evident across the companies of Triton Group. For example, in May 2022, Triton Systems installed their latest security camera, the Triton Single Solar, across UK construction sites. This camera is powered by solar energy.

Lauren Paver, Group Commercial Director commented. ‘’Triton Group understands that people are more environmentally conscious and that businesses have a role to play towards tackling climate change. We take our role protecting the environment seriously, giving peace of mind to our clients that they are partnering with a responsible business.’’

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