22 Aug

How can your company boost retention rates?

How can your company boost retention rates?

Triton Group are celebrating another year of positive employee retention rates. Maintaining and growing our workforce means that Triton Group can be trusted to deliver a high-quality service provision for our clients. How can your company boost retention rates?

Sense of Purpose

A sense of purpose has a significant impact on employee retention. Alignment with company goals generates the passion and commitment from employees. At Triton Group, we are committed to securing the confidence of our clients. From the construction of industry leading temporary structures used by thousands of people at sports events through to providing Waking watch wardens who receive safeguard training, our employees understand that they are protecting people and places. Read more about our Purpose, Promise and Values.

Employee Wellbeing

Managers at Triton Group help their teams thrive in the workplace. The auditing body ACS highlighted in 2022 that Triton management were responsible for creating a positive culture and environment for workers.

In August 2022, Triton Group management renewed its contract with Westfield Health to provide an independent Employee Assistance Programme for all employees. Our partnership with Westfield Health supports our employees’ health and wellbeing. From Security officers to Recruitment consultants and Managers, all employees have access to free mental health services such as cognitive behaviour therapy as well as help with dental and optician’s costs.

Progression pathways

At Triton Group we care about the development of our staff. From recruitment to promotion, employees are offered training and one to one progress meetings with their line managers. Triton Group are particularly proud to employ women in senior management roles within the company, including our Group Commercial Director and Operations Manager. Ensuring all employees are given opportunities to succeed and progress within the company is a key reason why Triton Group are celebrating high retention rates in 2022.

Ashley Wood, Managing Director of Triton Group commented. ‘’I am proud to lead such a brilliant team at Triton Group. I am impressed by their dedication and motivation and often receive feedback from clients about their positive experience interacting with our employees. As a Group, we are dedicated to finding new ways to innovate and improve life at work for our employees. ’’

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