12 Jul

Developing Talent: 3 best practices for your organisation

Developing Talent: 3 best practices for your organisation

At Triton Group, we understand the benefits of developing talent across our company. Not only do our employees feel happier and valued, so do our clients.

We define Talent Development as the process of supporting new and existing colleagues to achieve their career goals. All colleagues, from guarding to management, are given opportunities to progress within the Group.

What are the 3 talent development strategies Triton Group uses to foster growth?

1. Nurturing the next generation of talent

Triton Group are responsible employers and recognise that nurturing young local talent supports our community. We invest in government Apprenticeship schemes and take on industry placement students from local universities.

Our 2020 intern, Taylor McGuire, has recently joined Triton Group full time, following completion of her BA degree in International Business. During her industry placement at Triton, Taylor gained new skills supporting the different operational needs of companies across the Group. Her new role sits within Triton Security team, where she continues to develop professionally with 1 –1 support from Group Commercial Director, Lauren Paver.

2. Learning and Development

Across all levels of Triton Group, employees are trained to excel in their roles. For example, Waking Watch wardens receive safeguarding training. They are equipped to protect vulnerable people in the places they monitor. This training builds the skill set of wardens and enhances the quality of service Waking Watch wardens can provide clients.

3. Employee of the month scheme

A positive environment is very important for personal growth. Triton Group has an employee of the month scheme designed to promote a helpful and productive work environment. The scheme runs across each of the companies in Triton Group. After only a few months of launching employee of the month, our company culture has felt the benefits.

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